Our Story

Banagher Precast Concrete have been to the forefront of precast since 1949, always striving to design, innovate & improve without compromising quality, our aim is to retain our position as the leading precast manufacturer in Ireland & the UK. Our history is a long but interesting one.

1949 Banagher Tiles Ltd

Banagher Tiles Ltd was established in 1949 by the Kenny family in Banagher, Co Offaly – manufacturing precast concrete roof tiles as an alternative to the traditional slate and clay tiles. 

1965 Bantile Ltd

In 1965 James Kenny’s son Kieran established Bantile Ltd, Bantile pioneered the manufacturing of precast concrete units for system building. All over Ireland schools, hospitals, club houses and buildings were erected using the Bantile system. Columns, supports, floors and walls were all precast by Bantile offsite and then efficiently stitched together onsite.

1965 Concrete Structures Ltd

During these times Kieran Kenny also founded another company, Concrete Structures Ltd Banagher, for the design and manufacture of precast concrete units, it was one of the first companies in Ireland with facilities for the production of prestressed floors and Bridge Beams. The company supplied bridge beams all over Ireland to civil engineering contacts while steadily expanding their precast product portfolio. 

1976 Banagher Concrete Ltd

In 1973 oil prices quadrupled triggering a global recession and an inflation explosion, Bantile went into liquidation with the loss of 120 jobs with a major impact on the local community.  Five former Bantile employees envisioned the opportunities and broad scope of precast concrete in the civil engineering sector, so together with a local businessman they pooled their redundancy cheques and savings to buy the existing factory and set up Banagher Concrete Ltd. The company continued to build their civil precast product portfolio and became the leading precast supplier to the civil engineering industry.

1979 Banagher Gang Slat

Banagher Precast Concrete were manufacturing single slats for farmers throughout the 70’s and brought the original and first ‘gang’ slats to Ireland in 1979 in response to a need for a more efficient and durable slat system.  The Banagher Slat has been synonymous with quality ever since and we’re proud that they have been used by generations of Irish farmers.

2010 Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd

In 2010 after the property crash five existing employees who had grown up in the company stepped up and Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd was established as the result of a management buy-out.  This young team of Directors are still leading the company today and are building on the success of those gone before them, advocating as always innovation, value engineering and client collaboration. 

2020 Building on Success

Today there are now over 270 people employed and the company is going from strength to strength.  Every year Banagher Precast Concrete are recognised for outstanding achievements and contributions to the construction industry by the Irish & British Concrete Associations, for our innovations with precast and our ability to deliver largescale complex and often bespoke projects.  Our ambition is to provide our clients with first-class customer service and the highest quality precast regardless of the size of the project as it’s our civil clients and the farmers throughout Ireland who have helped us to build and grow over the past 70 years.